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• Natural and plant-based ingredients. 
• Natural ethical and cruelty-free products. 
• Recyclable Packaging and Shipping Materials 
• Healing Solutions 
• No Synthetic Fragrances 
• No Harsh Detergents 
• No Mineral Phosphates 
• No Sulphates 
• No GMO Ingredients added

The Skin Clinic At-Home Care is a custom made, highly effective skin care line, developed by Owner and Master Esthetician Allison Hess. This line features advanced active ingredients which are all derived from natural and organic sources. This line offers a unique blend of peptides, AHA treatments, essential oils, and plant based treatments. These products are designed to benefit not only the surface of the skin, but the cellular and reproductive dermal layers. We proudly boast that this line is free of parabens or added preservatives which allows our product line to honor our wellness both inside and out. 

The biggest differences that you will note with our products vs. over the counter products is the large amount of active ingredients. While it may be greatly convenient to pop into your local beauty counter/mall store, you will be purchasing products for their brand name and not for their ingredients list. We are proud of our eductation and licensing and those two things can't be bought at a store. Come give our awesome products a try. We are certain you will be glad that you did!

​If you're looking to order online but are not certain what product best suits you, please call or email the shop and we would be glad to help you with your purchase!

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