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Our skilled massage therapist will help you to relax and reach your optimal wellness goals! 

Specialty training and certifications include:

TherapeuticPreNatal, and Aromatherapy, cupping, GuaSha, Thermal and Hot Stone


60 Minute  |  $90

90 Minute  |  $120


60 Minute  |  $85


60 Minute  |  $90

90 Minute  |  $130

Hand or Foot Treatment  |  $20

Sinus Relief  |  $45 ($75 with ear candling)

LED Light Therapy (30 Min) |  $25

Cupping  |  $80

Thermal Therapy |  $110

Lymphatic  |  $100


*Aromatherapy is always complementary with

all of TSC massage services!



BUFF + BUTTER  |  $75
This whole body treatment focuses on exfoliation and hydration. As you breath in essential oils, we use body brushes to exfoliate your body and encourage lymph drainage. Next, we massage warm shea butter over the skin to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

BUFF + BRONZE  |  $75
This alternative to tanning is a relaxing and healthy way to get a glow! With body brushes we exfoliate the entire body and follow with an application of a hydrating treatment that helps to enhance your tan. We finish by applying St. Tropez body bronzing treatment. Applying this by hand ensures that you get complete coverage of all the most important areas! Bronze gets cumulatively darker over the course of several hours. Natural looking. No harsh chemicals. No harsh smells. NO DAMAGING UV RAYS!  * Typically results last 7-14 days.

We begin this treatment with a warm massage of a dead sea mud filled with trace minerals to detoxify the body. Following the application of the mask we engulf you in a warm body wrap. While the body wrap is heating and penetrating the skin, we use essential oils on the scalp and face for a pressure point massage. We finish the treatment with hot towel wraps on the face, hands and feet while applying a hydrating dead sea mineral lotion to finish. This treatment leaves your body hydrated, detoxified and de-stressed.   * Mini facial add on to this service | $40



The Designed to encourage full body detoxification, this treatment includes a full body dry brushing, a nap in our infrared sauna and a cooling massage of our deep hydrating purification body oil.  We engulf you in warmth and nourish your skin as you body benefits from increased circulation, purification, toxin shed, sweat and detox, weight loss, heart health and stimulation of the lymphatic system.  This treatment will leave you feeling hydrated, refreshed and overall rejuvenated!

*Not suitable for expectant mothers

Using dry brushes to stimulate lymph drainage followed by a cellulite reducing lotion, this light therapy and micro current treatment can be done all over the body to stimulate the reduction of fat cells while targeting uneven fat cells walls which cause ripples and dimpling in the skin encouraging a smooth appearance. 

SPRAY TANNING  |  $50 ($75 w/ body buff)
Custom designed color chosen to suit you and your lifestyle. Get bronzed and beautiful for your next event! We use an organic, coconut water based treatment so no orange, no sticky mess! 



This is an alternative treatment to remove ear wax build-up by softening it and allowing your body to excrete it naturally.



Mini “facial” done to the pubic mons and inner thighs. Cleansing, exfoliating, extracting ingrown hairs and a softening mask are all used in this treatment to allow for softer skin and better waxing results. Should be done on a “mostly” hair free surface and can be coupled with a brazilian wax. We also suggest this treatment for those looking to maintain- every 4th waxing.


This highly effective detox treatment aids in cellular health, detoxification, weight loss, heart health and much more.  We suggest this treatment for any health conscious guest.  Treatment time is 10-30 minutes based on needs and health.  We suggest a series of weekly treatments for optimized results.



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