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Featuring our all natural, paragon free products, this facial is full of relaxation and customization. Starting with a thorough skin analysis, this facial includes deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation enhanced with steam, extractions as needed and a custom mask. Your relaxation needs will be indulged as we massage face, chest, neck, shoulders, arms and hands using aromatherapy oils, hot towels and manual acupressure and lymph drainage techniques. You will leave feeling revived, relaxed and renewed. 

This therapeutic treatment sloughs away dead skin cells, allowing fresh new cells to surface. At the same time, this treatment will help diminish fine lines, acne, dryness, hyper-pigmentation, and loosen congested follicles. Receive the same massage as the customized facial, but with an added German Vitamin C mask to help brighten and heal the newly revitalized skin. Great for clients as a pre-treatment a month before our PCA peels. 

This specialized facial is ideal for those suffering from acne or heavily congested skin. Using PCA detox treatment to unclog pores along with deep cleansing, extractions and gentle enzyme exfoliation with warm steam, this facial helps to rescue inflammation and breakout. The tea tree blended mask aids in calming and killing the last of the bacteria that is on the skins surface. A soothing lymph drainage massage is used to promote calling and balance in the oil glands while helping you to relax and regenerate. * This treatment is often suggested in a series for best results. 

For anyone facing aging, sagging or loss of firmness, this treatment is for you. Through cleaning, a blend of highly active peptides and stimulation massage are only the beginning. This facial includes use of micro current toning which is newly developed technology that helps to retrain the facial muscles to tone and life up. A hydrating mask is used in conjunction with LED red light therapy which penetrates the skin to the cellular level, helping to promote collagen and elastin rebuild in the deeper layers of the skin. 

Sun and age pigment control facial includes several forms of exfoliation to resurface and retrain pigmented cells. For those looking for brighter, more even tone, the combination of cell removal as well as replenishing mask will give you the glow you're looking for. 

For the chronically dry or dehydrated from external sources, this facial focuses on depositing beneficial hydrating complexes and sea minerals deep in the skin to relieve dryness, flakiness and irritation. A glycolic peel is used to resurface and a rejuvenating massage under warm steam is used to encourage oil production. We finish with a collagen and hyaluronic acid mask for hydration that will hydrate the deepest layers of the skin for long term benefits. 



For dull and sallow skin types in need of vitality. This facial hudrates the skin and features the PCA OXY TRIO to stimulate circulation and healthy cell turn over. Non-invasive. Excellent for special events. 

A treatment geared towards highly inflamed and sensitized skin types. Gentle appropriate exfoliation, massage with calming botanical oils and butters, and custom blended mask heals and balances reactive skin types. 


This treatment addresses problem areas on the back.


The Anti-Age facial with an added ultramarine hydrating collagen eye treatment and ANSR Beam led red light therapy for firming and toning your skin. The new ultramarine collagen eye treatment is perfect for aging, tired, and fatigued eyes. This eye mask is blended with elastin, collagen fibers, vitamins, and extracts to restore moisture and firm delicate muscles around the eye area. Results soften lines and decreased puffiness. The Celuma LED light penetrates deeper to reduce redness and the appearance of pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, and evens skin texture and tone. 


Achieve your overall "glow up" with this hands on treatment featuring a customized facial with deep cleansing, hands on massage, derma planning and oxygenation from our PCA Oxy Trio!  The Oxy Trio is designed to increase circulation, rid the skin of free radicals, promote hydration and brightness and increase absorption of at home products!  You will certainly see the glow from this powerful antioxidant treatment!

For those on the go or in need of a quick pick me up, this shortened treatment offers cleansing, extractions and focus peel (Glycolic or salicylic) and finishes with hydration and SPF. 

This treatment is designed for the male patients working to treat oily, blemished or acne prone skin. It is also effective in treating aging, pigment disorders, and smoker's skin leaving you with healthy skin and more youthful appearance.


This shorter treatment addresses the special needs of teen skin. (Best for ages 12-17) It includes deep pore cleansing, a purifying mask and extractions. 45mins

CRYOCLEAR SKIN TAG  | $45 (per spot)
Skin Tag Removal. This in and out procedure is similar to your treatment from a dermatologist without the needles or huge bill! This CO2 device freezes the blood supply which allows the skin tag to die and fall off. 1-2 treatments needed depending on size. 


Hydro dermabrasion- a non invasive, deep exfoliating treatment which infuses water and customized serum into the skin. Safe for all skin types. This machine gently exfoliates, and extracts built up cells and debris while simultaneously hydrating and infusing the skin. Combined with the use of Radio Frequency, a thermal therapy designed to stimulate collagen production and correct laxity in the surface skin tissues. This treatment is safe for most skin types and fantastic for anyone with congested skin, asphyxiated skin, dry skin, sagging or un-toned skin as well as anyone looking to stimulate, exfoliate and see lasting results.

Targeting surface damage that includes acne, scaring, fine lines, wrinkles and large pore structure, microderm is a powerful manual exfoliation treatment that sloughs away unwanted cell build up and rebuilds collagen and elastin within the skin. 

This deep dermal treatment is meant to stimulate collagen growth all while creating new channels in the skin which allow for deep product penetration. This is done along with a facial treatment to cleanse, exfoliate and mask to benefit the skin from the inside out. LED lights may be used in conjunction with this treatment to enhance cellular stimulation. 


This treatment is designed for those with think, dull or damaged skin. If you’re looking for serious exfoliation- look no further. Trifecta resurfacing follows a three step protocol to demaplane, dermabrasion and peel the skin. Mild post treatment peeling and redness may occur for 1-3 days. Results can be seen within a week of treatment! This combination of resurfacing tools targets cellular build up in several methods, resulting in deeper dermal exfoliation and increased cell turn over. This treatment is NOT appropriate for physically thin skins and an alternative trifecta treatment is done on anyone with rosacea. Discontinue retinol and AHA use 3-5 days before treatment.


Tighten, Stimulate, Correct. Starting with micro needling at custom speeds and depths to address scarring, age, sagging, and wrinkles. We following needling with an Argerline mask which acts as a topical botox to lift, tighten and contour. Finishing with a hydrating treatment with LED and micro current treatment. Redness can occur for 12-24 hours post treatment due to the needling. For best results- this is recommended in a series of 3 preformed 2-4 weeks apart.


Mini “facial” done to the pubic mons and inner thighs. Cleansing, exfoliating, extracting ingrown hairs and a softening mask are all used in this treatment to allow for softer skin and better waxing results. Should be done on a “mostly” hair free surface and can be coupled with a brazilian wax. We also suggest this treatment for those looking to maintain- every 4th waxing.



Throughout our bodies lives cells break apart and regenerate. If the current cells are damaged, the new cells will also be damaged. To correct damaged cells Photo Therapy works to stimulate healthy new cells and correct damaged cells. It increases skin cell turnover rates, builds collagen, kills acne/bacteria, calms rosacea and can revitalize dull skin.


This treatment is done as a one time treatment or a package (best results are seen after a series of 5 treatments).

*quarterly maintenance is suggested to continue the results of photo therapy. 



Indulge in our most pampering facial, customized specifically to your skin needs. A cocktail of serums and specialty mask will be applied and the Photo Therapy mask will then be applied. This mask is preset to target various skin concerns. The mask works for 18-32 minutes based on which treatment program is being used. 



This is a series of the flash photo therapy facial. Suggested to be treated every 2-3 weeks for best results in reeducating the skin cells. Package is a series of 5 treatments and must be paid in full.  



This flash service includes a cleansing and customized serum blend to target your skin concerns. The Photo Therapy mask is applied and activated for the set time frame that is needed for your treatment program.




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